A few queries, scattered thoughts, and ruminations. I am still flushing out some thoughts on this, and please, let’s bring some more Scripture- LIGHT- into this.

My question: Does the freeing of the slaves from Egypt parallel the freeing of men and women from demonic opression / spiritual bondage?

What I mean is this: the slaves (many of them) were freed from the ruthless hand of Pharoh in Egypt, but did not rejoice, but rather complained and fashioned idols for themselves in the desert. In the same way- that is to say in a miraculous way- some are delivered from physical abnormalities, and from irrational psychological fears.
I think there is a parallel between the freeing of the Isrealites and the freeing from spiritual oppression, and that it should make us very careful and humble in how we live. The freeing from oppression would be a sign that God has been merciful, and not necessarily a sign that God is in favor of (has counted righteous) the person freed. Jesus was not pleased with the lepers who did not thank him, but they were still healed.
And now, let me give a few examples to further my queries: could not a man freed from an irrational vertigo still die from a great fall, leaning too comfortably over a large precipice; could not someone freed from a demonic fear of the opposite sex not respect the boundaries God has established between men and women and fall into great perversion in that area; and could not someone with a paralyzing spirit in public speaking have that removed, and then shortly after use their words, their mouth, their tongue in the advocation of all degrees of blasphemies, evil, and hatred?
The conclusion I draw from these scattered thoughts is that when God opens a door or shatters a chain, we should not be too proud, but rather humbly thank and acknowledge his work, pleading that He would guide us in His path and in His ways (Jer 7:23, Deut 6:5-9, Ps 25:10-11). I think these examples may show that though one demon may go, seven more worse than the first will return if Christ is not the focus and Lord. The sinners and the wicked experience miracles, but do they see or know God?