Wow. I read James White’s post today that mentioned a review of Piper’s “Christian Hedonism” by the periodical The Berean Call. Not knowing much about the publication, I will hold off general commentary, however what they published on Piper’s theology is at best bushleague scholarship.

You can download the January edition of the publication to read for yourself.

I will admit that my first reaction was to viciously attack the author of the journal for so greatly twisting a few statements (outside of thier context) into a strawman, not to mention a complete ignorance to the central points of Piper’s worldview.

But after reading it I’m saddened by it. Not that it has swayed me but that someone could be so very wrong headed in the church (and with such great accessibility of this material!!).

This display now gives me pause to consider how I treat other people’s writing. More importantly, how do I treat the scriptures?


(also, over at Triablogue Evan May addresses this topic)