After reading a post at Steve Hays’ blog by an athiest, it seems Chesterton’s arguement may soon be disputed…

“Men deny hell, but not, as yet, Hanwell….[A]ll thoughts and theories were once judged by whether they tended to make a man lose his soul, so for our present purpose all modern thoughts and theories may be judged by whether they tend to make a man lose his wits.”
[Hanwell is an insane asylum, presumably in the U.K.]

In the post, the professor denies hell, and I can’t see Hanwell being too far off. Seeing that all conceptions of truth are purported to be solely electro-chemical reactions and moral standards as imbedded effects of “Darwinian evolution.” How else should we discern mental health? The objective things are now subjective, and I suppose this could all be weaved into some scheme of natural selection.

It must be time for me to reread “The Suicide of Thought!”