This is the final post in my brief and rather brief series on my thoughts that were spurred by A.B. Caneday’s contribution (“Veiled Glory…”) to “Beyond the Bounds.”

I’ve been reading in the blogosphere, and picked up this the other day from the comments at the Mongrel Horde (they are just mutts you know.)

Now the reason that was important is simply that it demonstrates quite perspicuously how much of a neophyte I am in theology. I do plan however, to comment as I learn new things.

Chesterton in his Orthodoxy shared the parable of a man who sets out to discover a new isle, and by small mistake lands back in the British Isles ready to stake a claim on the uncharted land. He realizes of course that he is a few centuries late to the civilization…so it is with me and the things of God, I’m a few millenia late to the truths of God and uncounted thousands have already explored such sites.

So I hope to continue following these trails of thought marked out by explorers before me and learning from thier finds… Lord willing I’ll post on analogy in greater depth after reading further on the subject. Don’t hold your breath for it though, it might be a while.


Currently Reading:

*Gospel account of Luke
*Augustine: Confessions
*The London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689
*G.K. Chesterton: Four Faultless Felons