The struggle for joy is not confined to new converts or to the youth in the Lord, but seen all over Christendom. Recently I heard a president of a prestigious Christian college say at a yearly gathering that God did not create “you and me to be happy. It was to be a holy living worshipping body.” Are our happiness and our holiness mutually exclusive? Another pastor said recently, “Joy is NOT happiness… happiness comes from ‘happens’… etc.” I would like to deal with that argument later.

For now I would like to present a rationale, deductive argument to show the real emotional parts of joy. Let’s turn to the uses of the words and their definitions as well as some questions! What is the opposite of being happy or having happiness? Most likely, you would answer being sad or having sadness. What is a more extreme state of sadness? Many will rightly answer sorrow. Can you have sorrow without having sadness? I do not see how you can or can rationalize that from their definitions. Let us quickly view their definitions:
· Sad- Unhappy, feeling/showing unhappiness/ sadness / grief / etc.
· Sorrow- grief- feeling of DEEP sadness caused by loss or misfortune. Is sorrow an emotion?
Now the opposite of sadness is happiness and the opposite of sorrow, as we see many places, is JOY (John 16:21-22 for example). Now how can sorrow, sadness, and happiness all be emotional states while joy is not? More on this, God willing, to come soon! Hopefully, as I have time, I can wrestles with and address the intermingling of these emotions as well.

For the JOY of the LORD is our strength,