The BBC reports:

A new form of Turkish Islam is emerging here, one which is pro-business and pro-free market, and it’s being called Islamic Calvinism.

I was a little bewildered and my hopes rose as I thought of Biblicism spreading to the lost in Turkey. Is there a harvesting of muslims to Christ in the public arena? Sadly no, these are not people from muslim backgrounds who have seen the glory of Christ in God’s soveriengty in salvation. These are Turkish industrialists who happen to be “pious” muslims. Equating the term ‘Calvinist’ with industrial exeberance instead of the godward worldview, a mayor in Turkey has (understandably) recieved some media attention. Keying off the “protestant work ethic,” he has misused this term.

Perhaps business should be used for the Kingdom, it seems that the sons of the world might be more shrewd than the sons of light.

I am challenged to pray for real Calvinists in Turkey. Industrial advancement is certainly within the scope of “man’s” potential. Creating God-besotted people in a godless land…nothing is impossible with God.