At the giving of the Law at Mt. Sinai, Moses sprinkled blood on the tablets of the Law and the people, saying “This is the blood of the Covenant.”

In the first covenant, the blood is sprinkled on the people by Moses, and is also used in the temple service. Blood is used to sprinkle the instruments used in the temple, as well as the altar of offering, and the temple grounds – just about everything you can think of gets sprinkled someplace in the O.T. All of the blood is sprinkled over something, just as the law is external, and over the people.

Now Christ, at the institution of the New Covenant says:
“This cup is the new covenant in my blood.”

Then bids us to drink. Notice how we are taking in the blood of the covenant. It is inside us now.

Where the old way was “without”, the new way is within. We have the fulfillment of the external code living in us, Christ, by His Spirit, dwelling in us. The Law is now written on our hearts, within. We are given a new heart, we have been changed from the inside out

So Christ says to you today, take and drink, that he may be within you, that you may no longer operate on your own strength, but that he may be your strength.

Praise God for the mercy of His Table.