A light rain fell as I pulled up to the pump…”now which one is the cheapest? Ah, the lowest octane rating…$2.89! What!? Nearly three dollars and that for the watery stuff!”

I began that way, thinking of how inconvinient the price of gas was, and probably like most people pondering the impact to my monthly budget and routine. But another thought crept in, “there is gas, and I can afford it.” I began to think of how life would be different without a station on every corner, without the universally accepted credit card swipe, without a functioning car, etc etc. I thought for a moment how I felt troubled by this most menial of inconvinience as “expensive gas.” What in the world am I thinking?! Most of the world’s population does not even have enough food to avoid starving.

Quickly I realize how blessed we are in America, and that while we are all sinners worthy of immediate entry into Hell forever, God provides kindnesses that are to lead us to repentance. The little episode opened my eyes for a second onto the vista of God’s common grace by which we are not consumed. God does all this for the rebels – the enemies of his purpose, the haters of his glory!

Not only are the great temporal blessings illustrative of his mercy on every human being, he also saves people from every people group on earth, as a new nation unto himself. If I am startled by his common love on all people, how much greater is his covenant love towards his elect! I really have no grid for comprehending this majesty. If the physical world seems all encompassing and supreme, and mercy in the forms of antibiotics, functioning electronics and mechanical systems, and governmental restraining of anarchy all seem like ultimate goodness to man’s eye, how insuperably magnificent is the redeeming love of Christ!

Oh for the curtain to be pulled back that my heart can esteem that which is worthy and not wheedle with the worthless!

Thank God for expensive gallons of gas. 🙂

Psalm 103:11For as high as the heavens are above the earth,
so great is his steadfast love toward those who fear him;