The following is a letter to the President that a friend of a friend of a friend wrote. It is authentic, which is why I changed the author’s name (I kept the bold font where he had it, so the only change is the name at the end). The author encouraged the forwarding to contacts if the reciever found this letter worthwhile. I do think it is worthwhile, but I detest most forwards. So I’m posting this here for public viewing and comment. (Peter and Wendy, or the Lost Boys, if you think this shouldn’t be posted, please let me know and I’ll remove it.)

If one is interested in the political views of a Lebenese American and/or the recent politics of greater Palestine, read the following.

Regardless of your views the people of Lebanon and Israel need our prayers currently.



President George W. Bush
The White House
July 19, 2006
Dear Mr. President,
I have been an American citizen for many years, and I have voted for you twice. The first time it was a pleasure but the second time it was an effort.
As a former Lebanese citizen, the invasion of Lebanon by Israel was, and is still, a nightmare experience for me. To see my new country America, not only giving the green light to Israel but encouraging it to continue to shred Lebanon to pieces, blows my mind. Israel blames the fragile democratic government of Lebanon for not controlling Hezbollah. If our mighty military presence in Iraq has not been able to control the relatively small militia of Muktada Sadr how can we expect the government of Lebanon to control Hezbollah?
From what I have heard on the news, Israel have had plans in the making to attack Lebanon for the last five years, and the kidnapping of the two Israeli soldiers was but an excuse to put their plan into action. The attitude of the present government in Israel towards the Palestinians and towards Hezbollah is expressed best in August 30, 2002 by Moshe Yaalon, the Israeli army chief of staff: “The Palestinians must be made to understand in the deepest recesses of their consciences that they are a defeated people.” It is sad to see that my new country America under your administration, along with the Religious Right, are encouraging the extremists in Israel to become the mainstream. What would it take for Israel and for America to learn the lesson that the abuse of power does not solve problems but compounds them.
Here are a few lessons from history.
1. In 1967 Israel had the huge success of defeating all the Arabs in six days. The P.L.O. at that time was a weak and insignificant organization. The 1967 war convinced the P.L.O.
that the Arabs can not defend the Palestinians and that they need to take the responsibility for reclaiming “their land”. In a real sense the “1967 smashing success of the Israelis” gave birth to a new P.L.O. As a result of that “success” Israel continues to live with the consequences.
2. In 1982 Israel invaded Lebanon to remove the P.L.O. and as a result of that invasion Hezbollah was born. Israel gave birth to Hezbollah and today it is living with the consequences of that conquest.
3. When the Arab countries gave the P.L.O. the right and the privilege to become the sole spokesman of the Palestinians, Israel did not like that. So for three years Israel supported, financially and by all means, a little organization with the name Hamas. That little organization, Hamas, did not like the P.L.O. because they thought that Arafat was a compromiser. Israel wanted to weaken the P.L.O. by strengthening its critics and Israel gave birth to Hamas. Three years later Israel realized that Hamas is more dangerous than the P.L.O. and that is what probably convinced Prime Minister Rabin to begin negotiating with the P.L.O. The lesson that Israel needs to learn is this: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” According to Israel’s radio, as it appeared in the “Washington Report”
in November 2001, when Prime Minister Sharon was not aware that the microphone of a journalist was on, he reprimanded Foreign Minister Peres saying: “Every time we do something, you tell me Americans will do this and do that. I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure. We Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it.”
4. As Americans we want to propagate democracy in the Middle East. One of the expressions of that democracy was the free and fair elections carried by the Palestinians that brought Hamas to power. Neither America nor Israel liked that democracy. For the last several months the
Palestinians in Gaza have been living in the largest concentration camp in the world. In their daily oppressed and hopeless lives a few stupid Palestinians sought revenge by kidnapping one soldier and killing a few others. That act gave Israel the excuse to carry out its planned agenda: “The Palestinians must be made to understand in the deepest recesses of their consciences that they are a defeated people.” A friend of mine told me recently that he was moved very deeply by what he saw on Al Jazeera TV. A Palestinian woman in Gaza who lost several members of her family in an Israeli attack was carrying two small boys as she talked to the camera. She said that she always hated terrorism and the fundamentalists. But after what happened she vowed that she will raise her two sons to become suicide bombers. What are we and Israel breeding? What consequences will we have to face ten years from now?
5. An old lesson from the Old Testament comes from the life of David. Most people assume that the biggest sin that David committed with the most dangerous consequences came as a result of his sin of adultery and murder. He committed adultery with Bathsheba and murdered her husband with a few other soldiers. In 2 Samuel 24 we see another sin that David committed that we hardly notice which had far more dangerous consequences. Actually it resulted in the death of 70,000 Jews. That sin was his abuse of power.
Mr. President. Do you fully understand the consequences of the decisions that you are making?