When was the last time you read through what your church is ‘about’? For me it has been several months since I read through the ‘core commitments’ of my church. During the process of joining the church these were covered in the “New (Potential?) Members Class.” At the time I read through them and seriously thought about what this body has set up as their goals and methods. Nobody wants to hitch their wagon to a sinking ship or sign the line underneath unbiblical doctrine. So in that regard, for the visitor, for the prospective member, these commitments are great.

But wait a tic! These aren’t just for new people are they? If these are the commitments of the local church, that implies they are at the forefront of her mind. These are the things that we love and are convinced are our duty that we set them before us as commitments. We are going to strive for these things, this is serious and requiring our thought, effort, and dreams.
As I alluded to above, when was the last time I looked at them? I can’t give a specific time, only the vague reply: ‘months.’ This can’t be right. This must be changed! Therefore, it’s time for action on these very points!

At this point, God gave me a devotional idea that is the entire purpose of sharing this rant. Why not pray through these ten commitments over the coming days (weeks, months, years, [eek] decades) for our church? We know that the chief end of man is to glorify God by enjoying him for ever (christian hedonist tweak), why not pray for myself and the church that this commitment would be on the forefront of our minds, and be the desire of our hearts in the days ahead? Why not pray that the “commitment to knowing, loving, and obeying Christ” would burn in our hearts such that it would be the evident passion of our existence.

So would you join me in praying through these over the next ten days? Even if you are not a member of my church, go search through that dusty drawer, pull out that forgotten folder, track them down on that deserted derelict disk (“ok ok” you say, “I got the point, stop the misdemeanor alliteration”), find the commitments of your congregation and ask God to bless you in those areas.

A further devotional exercise is to find the verses upon which the commitments were framed. What is the Scriptural foundation of the commitments? I think praying through those verses are a mighty blessing in addition to the pleading for the application of them to the body.

The following are those Core Commitments I thought were awesome when I joined this church earlier in 2006. I look forward to seeing how God will answer the prayers of blessing the congregation concerning them. Will you pray?

CEFC Core Commitments
1.The chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. We are committed to knowing, loving, and obeying Christ, and to maintaining this as our first priority.

2.We are committed to maintaining a regular rhythm of corporate prayer for the revival of the church and the extension of Christ’s kingdom.

3.We are committed to exegetical teaching of the Scriptures as the backbone of the educational ministry of the church.

4.We are committed to corporately praising God, for He is worthy. We will prepare our hearts for worship, seeking to encounter Him who inhabits the praises of His people.

5.We are committed to living holy lives that reflect the character of God.

6.We are committed to loving one another sincerely, deeply, with actions and in truth.

7.We are committed to living among those who do not know Christ and to bearing witness to His grace in our lives by word and deed.

8.We are committed to every member ministry in accordance with our spiritual gifts, so that our church may be joined and held together by every supporting ligament, growing and building itself up in love as each part does its work.

9.We are committed to training and multiplying leadership.

10.We are committed to giving generously of our people and finances to extend the global church planting movement, with an emphasis on unreached peoples.