Recently I deleted a comment on this blog that was off topic. The comment was a good one, and made by a friend. It did not however have anything to do with the post it was in response to.

I know I don’t have a stated policy of comment moderation here at 5pointers, mainly because it has never been an issue… let’s face it, it’s usually pretty slow around here. I hope this does not discourage commenting, but instead encourages discussion relevant to the topic.

So, if you comment on 5pointers on a post with respect to a different post on a different blog, simply because you are responding to a 5pointers contributor, your comment will be deleted. No hard feelings, I just want to keep things on topic. Send me an email (via my profile) to get ahold of me if you don’t think I’m taking the time to keep up w/ my part of the discussion on your blog. Please keep comments relevant to the topic being discussed, if the comment is (by 5pointer’s discretion) sufficiently off-topic, it will be removed.