Recently Fruittart called my attention to a gentleman producing his own “Blank Bible.” Basically the text of the Bible, interleaved for note-taking. Jonathan Edwards had his own BB that has come into the news recently as Yale is planning to publish this “Edward’s Notes Version.”

The benefits of the BB are clear though, it cultivates (in my estimation) two blessings – 1. it was part of Edwards habit of thinking while reading. This developed his critical thinking and allowed him to return to thoughts later (see Piper’s bio of Edwards here.) 2. insights from the text are easy to find, they’re right next to the text! Without being a christian (much less a thinking christian) for very long, I have already lost notes on all kinds of topics – and I can’t hold a candle to such a prolific writer as Edwards! We’re all thinking about something when we read. Clearly this is a tool for everyone.

You can check out the three-part Blank Bible Project at the Shephard’s Scrapbook – 1,2,3.

While we’re on the subject of book binding, I drove past the local Lincoln Bookbindery the other day. If you have any book binding needs, I hear they are good (certainly thier webpage shows some sweet bookbinding action.)

Also of interest for the snobs amoung us is this piece on quality imported leather bound Bibles (ht:jt.) The author’s prefered Bible bindery is Allen’s of Oxford. Please feel free to read the website with a decidedly British accent.

As I have recently filled my girly-man purple flower spiral journal, it may be time to embark on a BB project of my own. Certainly Shephard’s gives a clear road to Edwardsian hardware! If anyone has any suggestions on paper considerations (I currently use Pelikan 4001 ink) for such a project, I would appreciate it. I know of some good legal pads that take the ink well, but I am ignorant of quality looseleaf brands. Trail and error is my present plan of evaluation.

[pics taken from Shephard’s Scrapbook, Wikipedia, and Pelikan respectively]