I saw this article on “Fad Driven Calvinism” that I commend to the young, reformed, and restless. I hope this facilitates an evaluation of our motives, methods, and character.

My first reaction was to say “You’ve got it wrong.” But after considering the arguement, I see the germ of truth. In fact I was recently talking with my pastor about this phenomenon which has manifested itself in a slightly different form. A cadre of monergistic fundamentalist bloggers suffer from the same problems that this article outlines. It is so very easy for me to point the finger at others rather than looking in the mirror.

Our monergism and love for God must come from the same work of the Spirit. We will avoid the absurdities White has cited when we seek Christ in his Word, rather than seeking vanity.

May God grant us repentence where we’ve erred, and give grace to walk the Calvary road.