When flying on a commercial airline, nomatter where or for how long, the flight attendants always give the spiel about knowledge we take for granted. Where are the exits? How do I operate this safety belt? Can I still buy a carton of duty-free smokes? During this time I usually slouch listlessly, wondering what the person next to me is thinking.

This past weekend I took a little trip with my wife to Atlanta to visit family. The same old song and dance was paraded before us… unfasten your belt like so… breath through your mouth or nose like so, etc. The trouble was that the flight attendant had the most annoying voice. It was really quite a marvel, half “Charlie Brown’s teacher” – half microphone feedback. Needless to say, I covered my ears.

Now picture this for a moment, someone is telling you this vital safety briefing, and you are ignoring them! There I was, fingers in my ears refusing to listen to what was best for me to hear. What a bloke!

If you haven’t already caught the illustration, allow me to elucidate. The plane is going down – your plane. You will die, and it will be soon. God is angry with you, he is bringing your plane out of the sky. All of us are closing our ears to the witness of God in the things he has made as well as the Gospel herald through his Word from his people. As an athiest (practically or ideologically) we plug our ears to avoid disrupting our false comfort – every thought is “there is no God.” Someone, perhaps in a uniform with a pin, is telling you what you need to know. If you are annoyed by thier voice – perhaps the light of thier message is blinding to your dull eyes so accustomed to the darkness of your false world (a la the Cave Allegory) – you will shut your eyes and ears to them.

A sad picture indeed. The absurdity of the situation should impress on the athiest the fooly of such a way. Meanwhile, those brought to life should see the task – avail yourself of the Lord. Who can open blind eyes and unstop dull ears? Who can soften hearts to love God? Who can clothe you with the (purple=regal?) wedding clothes of righteousness* (Matt. 22)?

*You knew the purple suit had to make it in somehow. White shoes baby! Gospel of Peace?