As I was reading through the news today, this article sparked both some old and new thoughts about Facebook.

A couple of years ago I plunged head first onto the Facebook bandwagon. Not really knowing anything about it except that all my friends were joining, my curiosity and desire to be apart of the “in crowd” lead me to signing up. Initially it was fun and interesting, looking up old high school friends to see what they were up to and where they were at was a good hobby. Also, learning more about current friends and acquaintances seemed to be a good way to spend time. There was also a lot of amusing bantering that took place on friend’s wall. Another feature that appeared good was putting your class schedule up so you can find other people in your class.

All of these things at first seemed like good things and were reason enough for me to continuing to be apart of the growing craze. Then I started to really think about Facebook and the implications it has had on me and could have on others.

I have nothing against those who use Facebook, most of my friends are members. I hope that those who do use it would, first, evaluate why they use it and if they are using it in a way that glorifies God (2 Cor 10:21). Second, if you do decide to use it set up precautions that protect you.

Some issues with Facebook:
1. Safety: It relates to guys and girls, but more specifically for girls. You may think stalking is not a big deal, but after the incidents at Purdue last year and many more outside of Purdue, it’s a serious issue. Most people put up way to much information, such as addresses, place of employment, phone numbers, etc. Another big one that most people probably don’t realize is class schedule. You may be thinking, “Are you serious,” how can this pose a problem. Any intelligent stalker can find out the time and place where that class meets from most universities websites. This is probably one of my biggest problems with Facebook, though I know most of it can be prevented with due diligence. To see that I’m not crazy read this.

2. Purpose of use: A question you should ask yourself is what is my purpose for using it? Most people would probably say to keep up with friendships. But if you really prod yourself there may be some more serious sin issues at hand. One may be pride played out in many different ways such as, I want to have the most friends linked to me or I want to taunt my personal resume to show others how good I am (Phil 3:1-11). Going even further is to show someone “specific” how good I am. I’m not saying everyone’s purpose is not edifying to God, but after talking with a lot of people this seems to be a more prevalent issue.

3. Waste of time: I use to spend a couple hours each day wasting time searching through facebook. I’m sure that there are some people who spend a lot more time on there than that. Whose time is it, is it our time or God’s time? Let us continue to honor God with every hour of our day.

These are just a few of the issues I have. I’m sure there are more, but these are the one’s that are currently on the top of my head.

I hope this can generate some good discussions!