I have been side-tracked and put this post off for several months. I’ll be quick and recreate the scene. I was sitting in the food court at Purdue around 4:00 meeting with Cliff, a former boss. He wanted to talk to me about struggles I’ve had over the last year, and didn’t soften much up for me.
What stood out most was Cliff’s story about how he had done spiritual stuff (overspiritual), so much so that it hurt his ministry to those closest to him. When he was in college, he dated a girl at another college. They lived a couple hours apart, so his weekends were made up of driving back and forth, staying up late, and spending time with her. They would pray together and read the Bible together.
Someone told Cliff during that time, “As far as I can tell, you’re not doing anyone any good these days.”
While he met with his girlfriend, his mom was at home, and he was missing the less spiritual things of engaging those related and closest to him.