Here is an excerpt from a 9marks interview that Mark Denver did with Ligon Duncan on Justification and the New Perspective.

Mark Denver: Why should this (New Perspective on Paul) be a matter of concern for pastors and church leaders, I mean is it or is it really just a matter for concern for a few professors who read and critique each others concern?

Ligon Duncan: I think it’s a matter of broad concern and I think that the amount of ink that’s being spilled over that is proof of that fact I don’t think it’s a tempest in a teapot and for me the proof is this, some of the best students that I’ve taught in seminary over the past dozen years have fallen hook line and sinker for it and consequently in my opinion they are fuzzy in their presentation of and understanding of the gospel and for me that’s a serious issue.

Mark Denver: How are they fuzzy in their presentation of the gospel?

Ligon Duncan: Well they are confused about what justification is, one, and in my view you don’t really do a good job of presenting the gospel unless you understand justification and what Paul is is talking about when he says justification. Two, um, they become unsure of whether justification is really a very important issue in relation to the gospel, but the gospel becomes redefined. Ah, N.T. Wright himself will often say the gospel is not in Romans 3 in the section from 3:22-28 on justification; the gospel is in Romans 1:3 and 4, which is the declaration that Jesus is Lord and Messiah that’s the gospel, not that we are justified by faith apart from the works of the law.

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