We all know it is upon us, that time of year when every store is stuffed to the gills with garbage resembling the dead and diseased. I am of course refering to Halloween, that season provoking my general contempt. Now, before you think I am some crazy theonomist, allow me to share- I like wearing costumes, eating candy, and I’m not a theonomist. I’m not going on to some diatribe about how Halloween is evil.

Rather, I am excited about a new day for me. That’s right, I’m refering to Reformation Day. I’m excited because it is a reality, and it actually commemorates something that happened on October 31st – Luther’s nailing of the 95 Theses to the Wittenburg church door.

I know one of the elders at my church celebrates this day with his family, and I hope this post can drum up some support. Without consulting my wife, I’m announcing a Reformation Day Party at my place October 27th at 8PM (it’s a Friday, I know.) So, if you are interested in hearing all 95 theses, dressing in period (the 16th century), and raising a glass (stein?) in thanks for the purifying work God kicked off in his church with that action nigh 500 years ago, join me in saying

Hooray for Reformation Day!

Let me know in the coments if you are interested in coming.