Today is Reformation Day, and so it seems fitting to post the party pic, and link you to Jadeejf’s post on it here. (I had always thought it was JadeElf, but it’s ejf. I’m geekier than I thought…) I think everyone had a good time and learned something, if not about the reformation and Luther, than about each other – specifically Nat. πŸ™‚

Reformation Day Party

Some other cool Reformation day items are this post by ENielsen, this post by Isaiah543, these Justification book recommendations, the 95 theses, and here’s the Resource Sheet and 95 Theses from the party if you are interested (in PDF).
Finally, the trivia question we couldn’t answer, and I hope you answer in the comments is: In what language were Luther’s originally posted theses? (German? Latin? Engligh? ah, yeah, citation requested!) Oh, and if you think of it, what is your favorite thesis? Mine is #62. πŸ˜‰