Mark Dever at the Together for the Gospel blog posted on pride being a root of impatience.

My tendency is to be patient in situations I like. And that’s no patience! Patience is endurance through things that challenge us, and it is rooted in humility, as surely as my impatience is rooted in pride.

This reminded me of John Piper’s chapter in Future Grace on patience. Here’s a snapshot of Piper’s connection between faith and patience:

Patience is the evidence of an inner strength…That is why Paul is praying for the Colossians. He is asking God to empower them for the patient endurance that the Christian life requires. But when he says that the strength of patience is “according to [God’s] glorious might” he doesn’t just mean that it takes divine power to make a person patient. He means that faith in this glorious might is the channel through which the power of patience comes.(Future Grace pg. 173)

Things to think about as we confess our pride and plead for faith today.