Here’s some blogspotting and interesting stuff:

  • Desiring God has a “Taste and See” article up by Dr. John Piper: Why Vote If you are Disillisioned? I found it encouraging and interesting as someone who has consistantly not voted due to lack of confidence in all participants. (I have a stellar record of inactivity – 6 years of voting eligibility and Zero votes cast for anything outside of College Dorm councils…not something to be proud of.) Yes, I am going to the polls tomorrow, and I encourage you to do so as well. Check out this article by Piper on the matter, and if you are in IL, this might be useful too.
  • The Evangelical Textual Criticism blog interviewed Dr. Bart Ehrman here. Dr. James White has interacted with some of Ehrman’s material on the DL and in posts like this one.
  • Just up the road in Chicago is the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute Museum. Anyone interested in an ANE fieldtrip in the next couple of months? I’m going to try to make it up to Chicago around “New Years”, it would be a great place to rendezvous and and opportunity to learn!
  • Spring Courses are online at UTS for those who are interested.