Are you suffering right now? We all are. Purgatorio has been down for 4 days! 4 DAYS!

To help the hurting, I’m posting this link to a cached view of Purgatorio dated Nov. 6th, 2006. I hope that this will help you manage the headaches, dizziness, boredom, fear, manic depression, fits of rage, and panic attacks that may have afflicted you as Heinrich’s comedic genius has been absent over the last several days.

Do not fear little one. Either Purgatorio will return, or a new Satirical Prophet will arise in Blogisrael.

Update: Speculation is rampant in many quarters that either a.) the Rapture already happened OR b.) we all have (unbeknownst to us) recieved an indefinate Get Out of Purgatorio Free card or c.) Marc’s server is down.  Time will tell.