Thursday, November 16th, 2006

I tend to read alot of news on a variety of subjects, perhaps it is a waste (especially in the case of ridiculous articles) but I want to be culturally relevant in some sense and thus I find lunacy such as this…,2933,228107,00.html?sPage=fnc.foxlife/spears

Did you catch that?  Britney’s divorce is a good business decision AND it will allow her to return to her charitable ways.  Well in that case…it MUST be good.  As long as we can break our vows for the good of humanity we are in the clear, in fact, it may make more sense for us to do so. 

 Very, very, very sad indeed.


After reading this article, I think it could make a great movie based off of the Jaws premise. Just picture the duh dah, duh dah, duh dah, duh dah (speed up after each phrase) then seeing a huge giant sea lion with cute whiskers staring you down as a tasty snack? Ohh the possibilites …