If anyone has been keeping up with the news you would have known that a coronal mass ejection has begun hitting the earth.  So what’s the big deal?

Well, for those of you in the Northern regions of the United States this could provide a chance to see the Auroa Borealis (Northern Lights).  The further north you are the better shot you have of seeing this phenomenon.  According to the forecast found on the Geophysical Institute website you may be able see it overhead as far south as Minneapolis and on the horizon as far south as Chicago.  A comment from the forecaster also suggest a chance of seeing it into the middle sections of the U.S.

For those of us in the Lafayette, IN area the Kp index must be between 7 and 9 to see the auroa.  This map shows the U.S. and where each Kp indexes needs to be for your area to see the lights.  To check out a short term forecast of the Kp index this site may be useful.

For best chance at veiwing I would suggest to get as far away from city lights as you can.  Let me know if you see the lights?