Sometime in the past week(s) we passed 5,000 visitors. Stats really aren’t that important to me, but I can’t speak for the others who claim to blog at this site 🙂 .  I’m guessing if they cared they would post more and try to drive the traffic up by posting on some controversial topic. Anyways back to the stats, to be honest today was the first day in a while I checked out our blog stats. And our traffic has been turtleishly slow recently.  This past week we averaged around 10 visit per day, while during our peak I think we would average around 35 (this is an educated guess). Our highest day ever was 147.  I know those aren’t stellar numbers, but what I do interpret from the numbers is we’ve been slacking in our posting.  You’d think with 5 people involved in the blog we would have more posting, nudge nudge.  😉

We’ll I just want to confess and say that I’m a terrible blogger and slacker, but I’m still alive and kicking.  How about the other bloggers?  You there?

I see Mark’s still alive, sorry for bumping you brother.  Your post is much better than mine.

Speaking of controversy…  Jacobus Arminius is my Homeboy!