I was reading parts of Piper’s sermon last week titled, Lionhearted and Lamblike: The Christian Husband as Head, Part 2 and came across this quote talking about leadership in physical protection.

This is too obvious to need illustration—I wish. If there is a sound downstairs during the night and it might be a burglar, you don’t say to her: This is an egalitarian marriage, so it’s your turn to go check it out. I went last time.” And I mean that even if your wife has a black belt in karate. After you’ve tried, she may finish off the burglar with one good kick to the solar plexus. But you better be unconscious on the floor, or you’re no man. That’s written on your soul, brother, by God Almighty. Big or little, strong or weak, night or day, you go up against the enemy first. Woe to the husband—and woe to the nation—that send their women to fight their battles.

I found myself visualizing this scenario in my head, which brought out a good chuckle.

On a more serious note, I have thoroughly enjoyed his series on marriage even though I’m still single. The series has provided great biblical truths about men, women, and marriage. The world has seriously rejected and reinterpreted these biblical truths, and ashamedly I’ve done so also. May my understanding of marriage come from the Bible and not from my presuppositions based on worldly, man centered knowledge.

On another note, I’m done with the preparation for my talks tomorrow and I praise God for the strength, wisdom, and perseverance to complete them. I really enjoyed preparing, even though there were some rough patches. Sorry for not posting any of it on the blog, I quickly realized that I wasn’t going to have time to post. Lord willing, I’ll post some things from it next week.

To God be the glory