I have had the past couple of days to reflect upon what I learned from the retreat I spoke at this past weekend. Overall I enjoyed it a lot and am thankful for the opportunity God had given me. Here are some things that I’m learning, in no particular order.

1. Ungodly regret (2 Corinthians 7)

It is easy to sit back and dwell upon things I should have said or clarifications I should have provided. During this time I seem to become focused upon my words and how I could have done better. There is nothing wrong with evaluating and using it as a time for God to teach and mold you, but when the focus is on yourself and how you could improve to make yourself look better, then that is when your trust is resting in yourself. On Saturday evening this was the case, I cared more about how good of job I did, which resulted in disappointment and regret in the worldly sense. My pride was more important than the glory of God.


2. God is Sovereign (Philippians 2:15-18)

I am a huge proponent of sound doctrine and accurately handling the word of truth, and I try by the grace of God to do so as well. Though I desire this, I know that I haven’t been perfect. Thinking back to some of the things I’ve believed and shared in the past, I can quickly point to instances where those things weren’t biblical. Though God commands us to have healthy doctrine, it is His doctrine and He is in control of His word. He can take the little truth that is there and use it for His glory.

3. Disagreement

Whether it comes from a misunderstanding or different beliefs, people may not agree with you. It is easy for me to become unsettled if someone doesn’t necessarily agree with what I had to say. This once again comes from a man centered focus rather than a Christ exalting one. Not everyone is going to agree with you, regardless, if you’re right or wrong. Paul and other heroes of the faith were always being opposed and opposing people frequently. Though I’m not comparing my self to Paul and others, by any means, it is a fact that if you preach the truth there will be opposition. Now, disagreement should always take you back to the Scripture. God will use His word to confirm a truth or reform you to the truth. And if you’re wrong praise God that he has used someone to draw you closer to the Truth.

4. Can’t expect everyone to understand right away

When you think your talk makes perfect sense, it may not make sense to others. Some people may be tracking with you right away, but others may have a hard time following. I know, for myself, I have to take time to process information and that may take days or weeks to comprehend what was shared at a talk. So, if someone isn’t registering with you right away, that’s OK. The Spirit works in His own time and that’s different for each individual.

I’m sure there are other things that I’m learning, but those are some that are sticking out right now. I have found it fascinating that God continues to teach you as you’re teaching others.

Soli Deo Gloria