Mark Driscoll has a short message on idolatry in America.  I’ve found it encouraging and a place for introspection to be done in my life.  In the video, an Indian woman, beside an altar to a chicken god, blasts America as the land where people build shrines to their sports teams and to their restaurants. 

Idolatry in my own life- I’ve always loved football growing up.  I felt God tug on my heart in college and barely watched football and specifically did not watch the Super Bowl in college.  Spending time with Jesus in the Word was better and that has not been taken away.  Many have much better examples and experiences, but I have found Jesus 10,000x better than the biggest sports game of the year.  May we continue to find Jesus better than sports or anything else. 

Idolatry to be done away- Driscoll hammers it with the restaurant and food illustrations.  Paul warns in Philippians 3, “many walk as enemies of the cross of Christ, their God is their belly, their end is destruction, with minds set on earthly things.”  It is a severe thing to seek first after food.  Where do I cross the lines in living to eat rather than eating to live?  I get up and am lethargic until I start to eat.  May I (and we) seek to eat to the glory of God (I Cor 10:31) with what he’s given, and not make an idol of food.