After spending much of my life skimming over required reading for english/literature classes and trying to find cliff notes for certain books instead of actually reading the books. I have now found much enjoyment in taking in a good fiction novel. Though I must say it wasn’t only fiction that I didn’t read, but most books for that matter. I did enjoy non-fiction to some extent, maybe because of the knowledge that I gained or because I like facts. It was easy to pick up an almanac or history book and start to read. Sports Almanacs were always my favorite, though I guess I wouldn’t consider it a non-fiction book, probably a book of quite useless information as I think about it now, but nevertheless that is what I read growing up.

Reading was never a hobby or an activity that I wanted to do until a few years ago. After Christ came into my life, He not only opened me up to the Word but also to the words of others. Up until this past year, I never considered reading anything other than books on theology, spiritual disciplines, and any other type of Christian work. Then I picked up Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and loved it. It opened my eyes to the beauty of fiction. I think Al Mohler sums it up quite well.

“I believe that literature and the fictive imagination are among God’s gifts. I read a great deal of fiction, and try to keep up on what the culture is reading. That does not mean that I always have to read what the world is reading, but I do read enough to know what is shaping the minds of those around me. Beyond that, I truly enjoy losing myself in a story. I am a big fan of authors such as Flannery O’Connor and Walker Percy, and I read quite a bit of contemporary fiction. Of course, one must choose carefully here, and fiction is recreational reading — not study.

One of the main values of reading fiction and great literature is that it develops the imagination and enhances literary style. Just admit that you like fiction, if you do — but keep it in its place. I keep a literary project going at all times, but it falls last in priority. Plunder the Egyptians, and read the classics of literature.”

What sparked this post was once again I find myself reading Jane Austin, this time it’s Sense and Sensibility. It has been a very enjoyable read thus far and look forward to reading some more of her and other fiction works in the years to come. So take some time and pick up a good fiction book, I would recommend a classic like Pride and Prejudice.

*And yes I am a guy

*And yes I like to read Jane Austin and I am not ashamed of it



A couple of questions to spark some discussion…

What fiction books would you recommend?

Is there any other “guy” out there who likes Jane Austen?