Today is my day in the collaborative 40 Day (Blog) Fast, round 2. If you’ve been following the fast, thanks for stopping in. I’m touched by the nature of changing the world this way. What a small thing it is for me to fast and pray for a day, yet collaboratively God may be pleased to use this in sweeping change in the world for his renown.

The ministry that shares the Gospel and cares for physical needs that I’d like to draw your attention to is the Christian Veterinary Mission USA. Now I have never been on a trip with them, or even been to a seminar or conference. But my father in law is a veterinarian and has made me aware of their work.

The exciting piece is that sustainable healthy living in 3rd world communities can be brought about in part through the foundation of healthy and productive livestock. In fact, Jared Diamond in his popular Guns, Germs, and Steel argues that the technological and political primacy of Europe during the last several centuries is directly related to available crops and domesticatable livestock being available to that region for the last several thousand years.
A sustained shift out of crippling poverty and famine in the third world through healthier livestock, in Jesus name – that’s a group we need to support.




Want to listen in on the thoughts of a current missionary to one of the world’s largest unreached people groups? Now is your chance! Check out Alan’s blog here. Drop him an encouraging line while you’re at it – learning Japanese and communicating the Gospel cross-culturally is hard!

In listening to AOMin‘s DL today (program dated 06/19/07), Dr. White mentioned that Letters to a Mormon Elder is available online for your reading and referencing. You can check it out here for free.

I have been way behind in reading all the posts on Pros Apologian on LDS stuff, but I’ll get to them eventually. Meanwhile, I hope this resource helps you in sharing the Gospel.

Hold a Settler’s Tournament! Get a bunch of guys together and have a tournament w/ an entrance fee – then give all the money to some missionaries that could use it. It’s just that simple.

In the picture below, you can catch a glimpse of Joel, the “Lord of Catan.” I think he easily won by two points. Congrats Joel!

The Perspectives program has a helpful reading list, split up for all 15 weeks of the Perspectives course. You can check out the titles and course outline here. Go check it out!

If you are like me, you find it very easy to stop thinking and praying about reaching out with the gospel to our muslim neighbors here in the US. I don’t like that inertia.

Grab the feed of the Crescent Project podcast and keep these necessary things in front of yourself. Fouad Masri publishes the podcast once a month – and you know you’ve got a spare 15 minutes this month. It’s worth it.

(By the way, if you’re really pumped, check out thier staff opportunities, too!)

While reading a systematic theology (of sorts) I came across the following statement, which I’d like you to comment on. This was taken from a discussion of the church and it’s mission. I am not concerned so much with what the quote says regarding the church, but what it says about God. What do you think? True or False? (and why!)

“The church does not exist for itself alone any more than God has not chosen to exist for God alone.”

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