To my fellow bloggers, here’s a short apologia for my absence online.

I recently (a month or so ago) left my cushy engineering job and have been working 2 part time gigs locally, while continuing my seminary studies. I also moved apartments this summer and no longer have internet access at home. Further, my wife is 1 week overdue w/ our first child.

So, somewhere between working two jobs, learning more greek and starting hebrew, and prepping the house for the first child, I have haven’t found time to write. I hope you haven’t been heartbroken without your (bi?) weekly dose of Chesterton. 🙂 But here’s something that is encouraging that I read for class last night:

E. Earle Ellis in his contribution to Interpreting the New Testament Text (eds. Bock, Fanning), Chapter 23 on Colossians 1:12-20, says the following regarding the corporate and individual visions of redemption in the New Testament:

“Col. 1:12-14 sets forth the same present eschatology [as other corporately salvific passages in Paul], but does this not, as in Romans 5-8 and in Ephesians 2, in terms of a corporate inclusion of all God’s chosen ones in Christ’s death, resurrection, and exaltation in AD 33, but in terms of an individual incorporation into him at one’s conversion. (footnote to O’Brien, Colossians…pg. 27)… In God’s gracious purpose the individual actualization, although temporally separated, does not exclude the prior corporate reality. Nor is the prior corporate reality independent of the later individual actualization. Both are complementary parts of one inseparable whole whose fulfillment is as certain as the character and the word of God himself.”(pg. 424)

I don’t know if anybody else will dig this quote, but Ellis’ exposition in Interpreting was 13 pages of dynamite. If you’re preaching on Col. 1:12-20, check this chapter out. 🙂


If you are interested in the Iraqi rebuilding/security effort, here’s a cool article you should read.

A group is doing it right now, here.  I’ve joined some friends who will be starting when the first group finishes.  Check it out and sign up here.

I just got an email from a friend pointing me to the DG store.  On June 27-28, all books in the DG store are going for $5!!! (see the banner ad.)

Have you always wanted to give that special someone (named Mark) the Piper books he doesn’t have?  Now is your chance!

Ok, really, this is incredible.  I’m emailing my small group to see if we want to give away books to people, etc.

Nobody likes it when a friend or acquaintence can dish out the jokes but can’t recieve them back. What’s worse is when it is on a national scale. I think this news piece is the back end of this universal human fault.

Clearly, this is a place where the Brits and Americans have it on the French. A half-frenchman (Wallonie, right?) makes a joke, and the French can’t take it. C’est la vie.

I know I could work against this frenchness in me and be less concerned with what others say about me, such that I’m not going to pounce on somebody to justify myself after thier joke.

I don’t know what to do about this as of yet, but I think linking to it here is a good start. Basically a violinist, leaving the airport in MN was beat up and tased for riding his bicycle home. Yeah. Unbelievable.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to ride my bicycle home.

So, I’ll start with the good news.  If you wear a helmet when you bike, you have a chance when a delivery truck runs over your head!  Otherwise, you’re toast.  Talk about an ad for Giro helmets!

Now, for the bad news.  Champaign has repealed the ban on smoking in restaurants and bars.  Some bar owners have complained about loss of profits.  The rest of society complains about rising health care costs…so what does our city council do?  5 to 4 they act like they weren’t using Giro helmets (see above).

The good news: the state of IL will likely place a statewide ban on smoking in public places later this year.  🙂

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