In a brief article, Dr. Al Mohler of Southern Baptist Seminary addresses the more prevalent worldview of the natural sciences, materialism:

For a quick review, a worldview is a set of lenses which one looks through to understand the world around him.  It is a person’s understanding of how matter works, what is the nature of the supernatural, what is at the core of human existence, what happens after death, etc.

Materialism is the view that attempts to explain everything by purely natural phenomenons and does away with the spiritual- ie: man is just matter- salts and minerals- and will return to salts and minerals upon death.  This view shaped the policies of Soviet Russia, and has been addressed prayerfully from the Christian perspective in Richard Wurmbrand’s Tortured for Christ


One powerful refutation of materialism comes in the book where a simple factory worker stands up against a lecturer stating that man is only salts and minerals and will return to such on death.  The worker asks to speak after the lecture.  Permission is granted and he stands up, throws his chair down and stares at it.  Then he walks up to the lecturer and strikes him in the face.  The lecturer becomes irate and demands his arrest.  When questioned about his actions, the worker explains, “When I threw the chair down, it did nothing, it was just matter.  When I struck you, you became angry.  Man is more than matter, we are spiritual beings!”