February 2007

CEFC is a great church, God is working here, but I think it’s time for my wife and I to attend Holy Kiss Baptist Church. 😉


Monergism has a new and slick website. It is way cooler than the old site with the same great resources.

If you’ve never been there you should check it out!


My pastor preached a really good sermon on tithing this morning and quoted a sermon he gave last year in a sermon series called “Buried Treasure” (www.bethelweb.org). Great series! Anyway, here is a cool quote about the fine line of teaching “tithing” and its application in our Christian lives:

“If you don’t make it a rule, people who love money don’t start there. If you make it a rule, legalists stop there.” (http://www.bethelweb.org/sermons/2006/060219.pdf)