Amen to your words Mark.

It seems anymore in the scientific community, if you do not bow the knee at the altar of Darwin, you are called a myriad of names, the nicer of which is “not a real scientist.” In fact, a biology professor started talking about fact one class, and distinguished it from faith in that faith is, “Believing in something that there is absolutely no evidence for.” So when a community, with entrenched indoctrinators like that is asked to give a ruling, there is not a good chance to get an objective view.
And furthermore, I cannot think of any advantages given from this ruling. If the community deceives itself it is not being watched and held accountable to a higher standard, it is free to experiment with life, human life more and more, and to abuse all matters of gifts, such as sex. Just think about it, if you are watched on a surveilance camera, you are not likely to steal, but if all cameras are taken away, and the police are decomissioned, what holds you back?
The ideas for evolution are not new as many claim, but they date to 300 years before the birth of Christ and were postulated by Epicurus. Epicurus taught, “when we are, death is not; and when death is, we are not.” According to this philosophy, the universe is just a random gathering of atoms, that in themselves have a will. “We are going forward?” I ask. “Are we really not going backwards?” Now don’t get me wrong, but to dredge up ideas from 3oo years before Christ (about 2300 years ago) gives us a more primitive system than the way put in place by Jesus (about 2000 years ago).
To paraphrase John Owen’s first book, “Of Arminianism: Being a Discovery of the Old Pelagian Idol Free Will with the New Goddess Contingency…” I would like to suggest my own, “Of Darwinism: Being a Resurrection of the Ancient Epicurean Carnality, Disguised and Advancing Itself Under the Veil of Postmodernism, Believing in the Exercise of All Freedoms and Opinions, excepting that those freedoms do not disagree or threaten their position, as they further the agenda of demons, devils, and the dragon.”

Disappointed with this ruling and the scientific community, but not suprised,