To my fellow bloggers, here’s a short apologia for my absence online.

I recently (a month or so ago) left my cushy engineering job and have been working 2 part time gigs locally, while continuing my seminary studies. I also moved apartments this summer and no longer have internet access at home. Further, my wife is 1 week overdue w/ our first child.

So, somewhere between working two jobs, learning more greek and starting hebrew, and prepping the house for the first child, I have haven’t found time to write. I hope you haven’t been heartbroken without your (bi?) weekly dose of Chesterton. 🙂 But here’s something that is encouraging that I read for class last night:

E. Earle Ellis in his contribution to Interpreting the New Testament Text (eds. Bock, Fanning), Chapter 23 on Colossians 1:12-20, says the following regarding the corporate and individual visions of redemption in the New Testament:

“Col. 1:12-14 sets forth the same present eschatology [as other corporately salvific passages in Paul], but does this not, as in Romans 5-8 and in Ephesians 2, in terms of a corporate inclusion of all God’s chosen ones in Christ’s death, resurrection, and exaltation in AD 33, but in terms of an individual incorporation into him at one’s conversion. (footnote to O’Brien, Colossians…pg. 27)… In God’s gracious purpose the individual actualization, although temporally separated, does not exclude the prior corporate reality. Nor is the prior corporate reality independent of the later individual actualization. Both are complementary parts of one inseparable whole whose fulfillment is as certain as the character and the word of God himself.”(pg. 424)

I don’t know if anybody else will dig this quote, but Ellis’ exposition in Interpreting was 13 pages of dynamite. If you’re preaching on Col. 1:12-20, check this chapter out. 🙂


For those of you interested I’ve started a new personal blog.

Even with the new blog, I still plan on blogging here (as the groans come-a-flying). Lord willing, I would like to post something on here about once a week, maybe more.

Anyways, feel free to stop by my blog and say hi!

Sometime in the past week(s) we passed 5,000 visitors. Stats really aren’t that important to me, but I can’t speak for the others who claim to blog at this site 🙂 .  I’m guessing if they cared they would post more and try to drive the traffic up by posting on some controversial topic. Anyways back to the stats, to be honest today was the first day in a while I checked out our blog stats. And our traffic has been turtleishly slow recently.  This past week we averaged around 10 visit per day, while during our peak I think we would average around 35 (this is an educated guess). Our highest day ever was 147.  I know those aren’t stellar numbers, but what I do interpret from the numbers is we’ve been slacking in our posting.  You’d think with 5 people involved in the blog we would have more posting, nudge nudge.  😉

We’ll I just want to confess and say that I’m a terrible blogger and slacker, but I’m still alive and kicking.  How about the other bloggers?  You there?

I see Mark’s still alive, sorry for bumping you brother.  Your post is much better than mine.

Speaking of controversy…  Jacobus Arminius is my Homeboy!

Over the past several weeks I was intending to write some post over various issues, such as the NPP and egalitarianism.  Each post would have been a response to books I’ve been reading or a brief conversation I had with a friend.  To post about the two topics isn’t inherently wrong, but for me, my heart’s intentions were driven by sin.  As I was diagramming the posts in my head (yeah I’m an internalizer ) I was noticing some common themes in my thoughts. (more…)

Thanks Mark for taking the time to move us to our new home. Maybe this will inspire me and others to post more…

All the work and effort is appreciated! Not to mention it looks good!

In the coming week or so I plan to post on a few topics. Due to the fact the I’m in the progress of getting all my things unpacked after moving, I don’t think I’ll get to them until the weekend or next week. So with no further ado here they are…

1. Pragmatism at Purdue
2. Postmodernism at Purdue
3. Down-Grade Controversy

Even though these topics may appear on the outside very different, the root of all these issues has a common theme. I hope this will generate some good discussions over the next couple weeks!