Fear of God is, I believe, a real sense of trembling, dread, and quaking that go far beyond simple awe and reverence. Give me a man who is or has been in love and he will understand what I mean. Any honorable man coming before the woman he loves will be seized with trembling. This creature he admires so has stunned him with her beauty and dealt another blow by her purity. His previous strength, no matter how great, is now captivated by her mere presence. The weaker sex has shown herself to recruit more strength than any physical might can enlist. And if the complement to man can do this, causing knocking of the knees, gasping, and palpating of the heart, how much more will God, whose beauty and purity transcend that of any woman a thousand times, cause these things to happen? Can anyone coming before those qualities of radiance in God and allowed to see them for what they are not be seized with a fit of unworthiness or be driven to their knees in submission? As with a mere word, smile, or nod of approval, a woman may dispel much of the fear she instilled, so too and much more can God take a man, prostrate as though dead, say, “Do not be afraid,” and grant him the ability to stand and live much more than ever before. This very real fear of God will, I believe, lead to a submission to God and death of fear to worldly things.